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All can participate; all can enjoy, all can achieve.

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Partnership at the heart of fantastic report for Viscount Beaumont’s CofE Primary School

The pupils and staff at Viscount Beaumont’s CofE Primary School are celebrating after receiving confirmation of their ‘Good’ rating following their recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) report. 


A SIAMS inspection is much like an Ofsted inspection, but assesses how effective a Christian vision is, and how that vision is enabling pupils and staff to flourish. 


During their visit, the inspector concluded that: “Viscount Beaumont’s historic Christian vision is strong and deeply embedded… [it] enables the whole school community to participate, enjoy and achieve. As a result, everyone is celebrated and welcomed in an atmosphere of innate Christian love.”


The report continues: “The strong sense of ‘valuing all God’s children’ underpins relationships at all levels…All pupils are flourishing because they are each seen as being unique individuals known fully by each member of staff in school. All are nurtured and recognise they can be listened to in a culture of mutual respect and gentleness.”


Amongst their positive feedback the inspector also found that:


  • Pupils are confident and succeed in an environment of Christian love where they are challenged but allowed to make mistakes.
  • Adults known as ‘pupil champions’ have regular ‘catchup’ meetings with individual pupils. This gives them the freedom to discuss any worries and concerns.
  • Vulnerable pupils thrive as a result of subtle, targeted support, empowering trust and a sense of security.
  • The broad and ambitious MAT curriculum allows the school to maintain its individuality and distinctiveness. Staff networks facilitate joint planning and valuable sharing opportunities. These contribute to vision-shaped classroom experiences where all pupils are enabled to achieve.
  • Pupils take on leadership roles giving a great sense of responsibility…Pupils support many local social action projects mostly through fundraising.
  • Older pupils care for younger pupils and friendships are fostered which continue even when they leave the school. Provision for religious education (RE) is a strength of the school. Pupils are knowledgeable and articulate as a result of very good teaching and learning.
  • Worship is the heartbeat of this school. There is a richness to Collective Worship allowing everyone to participate…Well planned, inspirational themes ensure that pupils appreciate the relevance of the Christian faith in today’s world.

Jo Westaby, Executive Headteacher at Viscount Beaumont’s CofE Primary School, said: “Viscount Beaumont’s is a truly nurturing and caring school, and I am so pleased this has been recognised in the very many positive comments that we received.


“It is this this sense of kindness, inclusiveness and belonging that makes our school such a special place.”


The school has been working in partnership with Rise Multi Academy Trust over the last two years. The inspectors found that: “The new MAT partnership is marked by principle, generosity and grace. This like-minded relationship is ensuring that everyone continues to flourish within this remarkable school family.” 


Mark Cole, CEO of Rise Multi Academy Trust, said: “My congratulations go to the wonderful children and staff at Viscount Beaumont’s.


“While there is so much to celebrate in this report, one thing that really stands out is the power of strong relationships and partnerships. The relationship between pupils, pupils and staff and the school and the wider church are all rightly noted as being one of Viscount Beaumont’s real strengths.


“I am also pleased that the report recognises the importance of the relationship with Rise. We allow every school to really build on their strengths and individuality, and support that by bringing together best practice and resources.


“Through our shared sense of purpose and collaboration, together we are enabling our pupils to flourish and succeed throughout their lives.”